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    Rejuvenate Your Skin From The Inside Out

    4-in-1 Anti-Aging Skincare Device, Backed By Science. Better Looking Skin In 2 Weeks.

    See Why Our Customers Love LumaLuxPro™


    "I absolutely LOVE this device! I take it with me on the go, and use it at my convenience. This small device really makes a difference in fine lines. I have had expensive heat/light treatments costing $300.00 a treatment. I use this twice daily for 5 minutes and get the same results. I'm hooked on the heat light therapy that plumps the collagen in the skin."

    “I’m a tired teacher, who by the end of the week often looks VERY tired. I’ve been using this wand daily for the past 2 weeks and can totally see a difference. I feel like I need less make-up!”

    “I LOVE this thing, perfect for my puffy eyes. It was versatile, easy to use and light weight. I was unsure about it being so small, but it really is the perfect size for around your eyes and for the rest of your face. It gets warm, vibrates and the red light comes on when you put it against your face. I like that theres no buttons and nothing to fool around with. It charges pretty fast also. Its about the size of a pen so easy to store. I use this with my own skin care, so thats makes it awesome too.”

    “Just started using and already see a noticeable difference in the brightness of my skin and reduction of fine lines!! 10/10 recommend”

    “A must-have in your skincare routine. It has actually smoothened my wrinkles/fine lines, reduced the appearance and pigmentation of my dark spot, radically improved my skin texture and complexion. I feel like after consistent use of this product I will not need makeup because it is transforming my skin. I use it in the morning if I feel like my face is puffy or swollen and because of the galvanic current it drains the lymph nodes and water retention from my face. It’s perfect to buy for you and give to others because it is a full self care pampering device. Plus you can take it on the go, unlike other red light therapy devices which are so bulky.”

    “This is perfect for my between salon visits. I have been using this now everyday for over a month and I absolutely love it! My skin looks amazing and feels super smooth and silky. This is also super easy to use (just follow instructions). I can see already that I will begin expanding the time between visits which will definitely help me save money in the long run. Highly recommend!”

    “If you fight morning eye and face puffiness and notice that your face gets skinnier as the day progresses, this is the product for you!! This wand massages and warms skin, promoting lymphatic drainage and helps your skin fully absorb any favorite water (or aloe) based serum. I wish I had a before and after pic but it worked so well the first time I used it, my eye bags haven’t really returned!! I’ve only used it 4 mornings in a row so far, but the results have been instantaneous and I am now waking up to glowing skin daily, even before I use the wand!!! Previously, I had tried eye creams, ice packs, sleeping elevated (helps but uncomfortable), dietary changes, but no real luck in depuffing. This is a game changer! My 6am face has instantly transformed into my skinnier 3pm face!!!”


    The LumaLuxPro™ is gentle and safe enough for everyday use, either morning or night. We recommend using LumaLuxPro™ once in a 24-hour period, for 5-10 minutes per treatment. 

    Most users see a reduction of acne breakouts and redness quicker than they expect. Improved appearance of contour, skin tone, and reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can take a little longer.

    In both cases, it’s important thing to remember that results are cumulative and optimal results are achieved with regular use.

    Be sure to take before/after photos to document progress, as day to day changes will be subtle.

    The LumaLuxPro™ skincare wand should not be used if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, have epilepsy/seizures or active cancer, or are under the age of 18. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your doctor before using the device. 

    We believe in a customer-first policy. If you are not happy about our product or service, we offer a 30-day return on all LumaLuxPro™ products for a full refund, no strings attached, or a restocking fee. If you are not happy in any way, please email us at We are only able to issue refunds for LumaLuxPro™ products purchased directly from

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